VoIP Business Services

In recent years, the rapid growth of one form of business telephone has grown much faster than all others, voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP business telephone service. This includes cities within Huntington Beach like Huntington Beach, California; Costa Mesa, California; Laguna Beach, California; Orange County, California; and Rodeo Bay, California. Many businesses are turning to VOIP to replace traditional business phones and keep up with the explosive growth of VOIP technology. The growing demand for Internet protocol based telephone services by businesses is leading the way toward adopting unified communications solutions from top companies in the business communications field like Verizon, AT&T, and Wildblue.

What businesses need is a converged infrastructure, or a set of devices that can deliver voice and data communications using the same IP network. It’s no longer enough to have a single IP network, or gateway, to connect voice and data. This brings up the need for companies to evaluate how their current systems can be adapted to handle unified communications. One way to do this is to implement hosted ip telephony.

Hosted IP telephony is an adaptation of the traditional phone system used by many companies,

including large corporations, service providers, and even some small businesses, to enable multiple phone lines, even local, without requiring dedicated hardware. Hosted IP telephony utilizes a digital protocol called LSR (local transfer rate). LSRs are scalable, allowing IP connections to be switched between broadband lines and traditional phone lines. With the proper software and routing, IP phones can transmit both voice and data traffic at high-speed.

Many companies that use IP telephony find that switching over to this new communications service has many benefits.

The primary advantage is the ability to reduce costs associated with long distance and international telephone calls. By using a hosted IP service, many businesses can eliminate these fees. Instead of paying a separate service provider for each line, they can use one IP number and the service provider will provide the phone service as well as routing and security for all lines. In many cases, businesses can eliminate up to 50% off their long distance and international calling costs, while also reducing costs associated with maintaining a full service phone system.

Another benefit to switching over to a hosted IP phone system is the ability to get access to VoIP at any time, from any location. As long as there is an internet connection, a business can get access to its own VoIP provider. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a dedicated IP phone system. Additionally, when a business makes a switch to a VOIP provider, it no longer has to worry about being connected to a telephone exchange or a network. It can instead get access to its own broadband internet connection at its own office.

By eliminating the need for maintenance and extra equipment, along with the cost savings associated with VOIP services, many businesses are finding that switching over to a VOIP phone system is much more cost effective than their traditional phone systems. Traditional phone systems are also limited by service carriers. If a business’ calls are going to be made outside of their service area, they may find that their rates are not applicable. With a VOIP service, however, they can enjoy rates across the board.

VoIP providers often offer additional features that are complimentary to businesses looking to implement a VoIP phone system into their business infrastructure. These features include Vonage, which is a voice calling solution that offers a real-time phone call solution for mobile devices and internet connections. Vonage also provides businesses with an affordable and scalable phone connection, along with a robust set of key features. Many VOIP providers have applications that provide free Vonage or other similar services for long distance and international calling plans.

  • One additional feature that many businesses find very helpful is call forwarding.
  • This feature allows you to place phone calls from an existing email account directly to a specific person or business.
  • For example, if you have an existing Gmail account that you would like to forward calls to, you can do so with ease.
  • The forwarding of an email is often free or charged at a low rate.
  • Businesses that have multiple employees may find that this feature allows them to better manage their time and budget.